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See car accident attorney from this articles. This is Mariano Amen Tuninetti, 40 years of age and master legal counsellor in auto collisions; He has his law office in the city of Córdoba.
I was driving a Ford Ranger truck from the Chui to Montevideo joined by Juan Cruz Amen Tuninetti (30) and Mauricio Angonova (40). Angonova is known in Río Cuarto, where he manages an area association and was exchanged for an Uruguayan wellbeing focus with genuine wounds, as per Radio Río Cuarto.

Car accident attorney 

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The crash happened at kilometre 223 of highway 9, in Rocha. As per the form of the driver of a Mitsubishi Gallant who likewise took an interest in the mishap, later affirmed by the examinations, the Argentine endeavoured to pass another auto and went to the contrary track in a bend with a slight slant. Furthermore, he hit the front with a red Citroën Sara, enrolled in Montevideo. The three tenants of this vehicle, Alfaro Casuriaga, a 52-year-old resigned cop, and his girls, Maria (26) and Ruth (23), kicked the bucket at the time.

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Car accident attorney The Argentines came back from the Brazilian shoreline Ferrule to Punta Del Este. Until the fringe with Uruguay, Juan Cruz Amen Tuninetti had overseen, and from Mariano Chui to the place of the catastrophe. The legal advisor - to whom the blood liquor test gave him negatively - announced that at a specific minute "a red auto showed up the other way to his" and that he was "without response" and as opposed to ceasing "quickened, without to have the capacity to recall nothing more ".
As depicted by the official part, "the inhabitants of the Mitsubishi concurred that they were behind the Sara, around 30 or 40 meters, when they see a van attacking their way, slamming frontally with the red auto that endeavoured to avoid it yet without progress, leaving the vehicles turning, affecting one of them with the Mitsubishi." Those who went in this third vehicle left unharmed.
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Mariano Amen Tuninetti is blamed for an "intricate offence of at fault murder qualified by the plural outcome as a creator". In the wake of pronouncing under the steady gaze of the Court, he didn't concede his impulsiveness however they sent him to jail on account of the declaration of the observers of the other auto. 

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The legal counsellor is in the correctional facility division, which has around 100 detainees and is situated on the edges of the capital of Rocha, sitting tight for an ultimate choice of the Justice. He has an Uruguayan legitimate agent, in light of the fact that in spite of the fact that he has the learning of what he should pronounce, he doesn't have enlistment. The legal procedure will take months and on a fundamental level will stay in prison until the point when it is settled. In the event that indicted, he can be detained for up to 5 years.

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